Talent Shows

Talent Show for the Specially Abled

Raindrops Foundation organized a Talent Show for persons with disabilities on 5th August 2018. In the words of Convenor Tapas Bharadwaj, “This festival had the lights of Dipawali, Colors of holi, the brotherhood of Eid, the patriotism of the Independence Day, and also the discipline of the Republic day.”

It was an extravaganza which witnessed participation from the cross-disability sector and celebrated their talent. These people represented the different states of the entire country which culminated into an amalgamation of our rich heritage and culture at a single platform. The show depicted the diversities of persons with disabilities ranging from dancing, singing, self-composed poems and stand up comedy. The organization also held a panel discussion on ‘Representation of persons with disabilities in diverse sectors, a hope for a significant change.

The inputs of the various panelists culminated in the form of a report which was represented to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Government of India. An exhibition depicting the skills of persons with disabilities as incorporated under Project Swabhiman of the organization were also showcased. This also helped some other artists to depict their skills and also gave a platform to develop their business contacts as well. The entire Raindrops family was immensely happy by seeing the positivity and bright smiles on the faces of the audience and the performers.

Talent Show for Underpriveledged Kids

Many children from underprivileged backgrounds are usually bereft of opportunities, and providing them a stage to showcase their talent boosts their confidence immensely. 

Almost all children have some or the other talent, but they never get the opportunity to harness their talent because of the lack of exposure. 

Participating in front of an appreciative audience not only makes these children happy, but also encourages them to adopt a hobby –  be it in the field of music, dance, drama, or arts & craft. Getting involved in a productive hobby also keeps some kids away from anti-social activities, which they might fall prey to. It also promotes a more holistic development in the children, besides their school curriculum. 

Efforts like these go a long way in recognising hidden talent, and the exposure provided to the kids helps them to unlock unlimited opportunities in their academic as well as personal lives.