Sensitisation & Awareness Workshops

Anti Fake News Workshops

While fake rumours about witchcraft, and communal hatred have been spreading orally since long, the availability of cheap internet and smartphones multiplied that spread and impact. In many parts of India, fake news and rumours claim many lives and cause pain to others. 

Our Awareness workshops on fake news cover rumours, superstitions, and hoaxes spread through WhatsApp, and tips to combat them. The participants are shown live demonstrations of technological tools like photo editing softwares that allow morphing, in order for them to understand the possibilities that these tools offer to those with wrong intentions. 

In many villages, attendees are also sensitised about scams and fraudulent calls claiming to be government or bank officials, which had previously caused losses to the villagers.

Menstrual Health Awareness

In our Menstrual Hygiene awareness workshops, we cover topics such as myths, personal hygiene, and medical tips by a medical student volunteer. We start with movie screenings and audio-visual aid to ease in a topic, which is considered taboo in India. An all-time favourite of women across North India is the film Padman, which is about a man who revolutionizes the concept of menstrual hygiene in rural India.

We then proceed with a mini presentation discussing what occurs in your body before/during/after your period, the phases of the menstrual cycle, menstrual hygiene management options, as well as remedies for relief.

Towards the end of the drive, we distribute new undergarments and feminine hygiene products. Our humble initiative impacted hundreds of women from urban slums who were introduced to many of these ideas and products for the first time.

Legal Awareness

Our Legal Awareness camps are organised keeping in mind the specific socio-legal needs of the attendees. 

For Gram Sabhas and rural population, we give them an overview of the legal system of India. This includes basics of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPc), filing of petitions, filing Right to Information (RTI) petitions, and the Fundamental Rights guaranteed to all the citizens of India. We not only acquaint them with the welfare schemes introduced by the central and state governments, but also direct them to the relevant local authority like the District Administration, District Legal Service Authority and Elected Representatives. 

POCSO Awareness: For Teachers, Students, Parents, we conduct sessions on the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO). The educators and parents are briefed about the POCSO law, need for counselling, means of redressal, and whom to approach. The children, on the other hand, are briefed separately on “Good Touch, and Bad Touch” through interactive means like animated films and puppet shows.

POSH Awareness Workshops: As NGO partners of Internal Complaint Committees mandated by the 2013 Sexual Harassment At Workplace Act, we conduct sensitisation workshops for employees and employers on what constitutes as sexual harassment at the workplace, and what are the means of redressal if such an event occurs.

Educational Puppet Shows

Our educational puppet shows provide a great way of learning and awareness-building in children from urban slum and rural areas. Our previous puppet shows have covered topics like Sanitation and Hygiene, Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Campaign), and serious issues like Good touch, bad touch.

The characters (puppets) in the skits are often beloved Indian cartoons characters from shows Chhota Bheem and Galli Galli Sim Sim (Indian version of Sesame Street). These shows also provide income to indegenous ‘katputli walas’ and puppet artists who are struggling to make their ends meet since the last few years.

Environmental Awareness

Raindrops foundation is committed to crafting a healthy environment to live in. We preach the rights of nature as sincerely as that of humans not just on our social media handles but also on the ground. We consistently aware people of the essentiality of incorporation of sustainable development methods in their lives and engage them in various environmental awareness workshops.

Understanding the urgent need to minimize carbon emission, our flagship mission Project Swabhiman manufactures upcycled jewelry and holes from discarded plastic bottles and garments. Moreover, we have conducted multiple tree plantation drives and verticle gardening sessions.

Making sure that none of our initiatives deteriorate the environment and aligns with the SDGs of the UN, we contribute our bit towards its duty.