Our Causes

Gender Equality

Making the world safer and equal for all genders remains our primary goal. We launched many initiatives focusing on women empowerment, both in rural areas and urban slums of Delhi. In 2017, we launched Project Swabhimaan to make women self-reliant through additional income sitting at home. In rural India, this was supplemented with workshops on gender sensitization, the basics of legal aid, finance literacy, digital payment, and introduction to smart phones. 

These workshops were organised to provide a holistic development of the women, which went beyond simply providing extra income. Many women felt more confident after attending our workshops, and were proud to have understood their rights and learning how to avail government schemes.

In urban slums, we also conduct several workshops-cum-donation drives on menstrual health for women and teenage girls, which provides a safe space for them to discuss all reproductive health related questions.

Rural Development

“If the village perishes, India will perish too.” – Mahatma Gandhi

To make India’s growth story a truly inclusive one, it becomes imperative to help 833 million people residing in rural India, overcome their developmental challenges.

In the direction of a self-sustained village model, we embarked on a long-running rural development initiative in Kanpur Dehat starting in May 2017. Working in villages like Uriyara, Ramaipur, and Ghatampur of Bidhunoo Block, we reached out to the community through public sensitization, workshops on environment protection, legal awareness, financial and digital literacy, and combating superstitions, rumours and fake news.

Before beginning our project, we surveyed the villages to understand their needs, and based on their requirements, helped them link to government welfare schemes, and conducted donation drives from our end when required.

In 2018, we also launched a rural internship programme with the aim of establishing a dialogue between the youth of urban and rural India. 

Inclusivity and Disability Rights

We believe that inclusivity can act as a bridge for ensuring that the persons with disabilities are provided with equal opportunities to contribute towards development of the society. From the time of our NGO’s inception, we adopted a combination of tools to ensure that persons with disabilities get equal opportunities to demonstrate their potential, and also get access to adequate resources for realizing their potential. 

Some of the steps towards achieving this goal include organizing a Talent Show for the Specially Abled , association with Government of India in organizing Equipment Donation Drives, and Advocacy campaigns. Our awareness and sensitization campaigns on social media platforms focus on the various aspects where intervention is required by different stakeholders of the society.  


‘It is not an investment if it is destroying the planet’ -Dr Vandana Shiva

Pledging to make the world sustainable, we at Raindrops aim to benefit not only the present but also future generations with our initiatives. We prioritise the well being of the environment and none of our policies hamper its health. We are the flag bearers for the Earth’s rights on social media platforms and we consistently captivate the public by conducting environment awareness workshops.

Our flagship Project Swabhiman manufactures upcycled jewellery and jholas from discarded plastic bottles and clothes. Our motive lies in cutting carbon emissions, and upycling items that could have otherwise been dumped into landfills or water bodies.This reduces the crisis on aquatic life too, as we are constantly making attempts to cure the exploitation humankind has caused to the planet. 

We have organised multiple tree plantation drives and vertical gardening training sessions to promote afforestation and reduction of carbon dioxides.  Recognising the catastrophic conditions humans have put the earth in, we intend to ignite a spark of awareness.