Educational Tours and Workshops

It has been scientifically proven that creative exposure in the fields of music, art, drama, etc. is equally required for the holistic development of a child as the knowledge of science, maths and other mainstream subjects.

Lately, school curriculum has prescribed active involvement of children in these creative activities. While some children are able to participate in these activities in their schools, the majority of children lack these exposure because of the lack of either infrastructural support in schools or lack of proper guidance.

Our Educational Tours and Excursions focus on imparting soft-skills to school students through immersive experiences. These include taking underprivileged kids on tours to museums, historical places, and other tourist spots.

Apart from these tours, we organise skill-training workshops for kids on calligraphy and art & craft.

Our day tours and excursion trips are not just limited to underprivileged kids. We also organise excursions for students from private schools to urban villages, where they get an opportunity to interact with the children there and learn from each other.