Donation Drives

Serving those in need has always been a paramount objective for the Raindrops Foundation. We do not wait for a calamity to strike to provide relief, but continue making things better for people through our continuous efforts. 

Our donation drives are organised keeping in mind the needs of the people during a particular time. In the scorching Indian heat, we serve iced-rose milk in roadside camps to all those who are passing by, and distribute footwear to those who otherwise have to walk barefoot.

In the bitterly cold winter, we spread warmth by distributing woolens, sleeping bags, blankets, and hot food and beverages. Similarly, in the Indian monsoon, we distribute umbrellas and raincoats to rickshaw-pullers and those deprived of shelter. 

Our donation drives not only benefit the receivers, but also those from whom we purchase the items. Whether it is buying candles & diyas from the visually impaired during Diwali [link here], or stocking ration for food donation drives from old yet unaided shopkeepers, we try to purchase our supplies from those who are willing to earn a dignified living but struggle to do so. We try to highlight their stories through our social media to help them reach more people. 

Since our inception, we have been conducting massive donation drives on our Foundation Day, which is 17 December each year. Our Annual Donation Drive is observed simultaneously in different cities through our volunteer base, reaching more than 5,000 beneficiaries each year.

Through our efforts, we try to improve the conditions of those in need, but without patronising them. Our mission is to spread hope, joy, and positivity even the darkest times.