During the 2020 worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, Raindrops Foundation has been earnestly committed to providing relief to the low-income groups, daily-wage and migrant workers, and persons with disabilities since the commencement of the nationwide lockdown.

Working for more than 5 months since the lockdown, our relief efforts have benefited more than 7,500 people across the country.

With complete adherence to social distancing, we have consistently been providing home-cooked food to the families of daily-wage workers in Kanpur Dehat. Allying with executive bodies like Nagar Nigam and police staff we expanded our support to the Shelter Homes constructed for the protection of stranded laborers in the Uriyara, Ghatampur, and Ramaipur villages.

To help migrant workers stuck in different cities, we coordinated with social activists and local leaders to arrange ration for the migrants. Raindrops also delivered medicines and other essentials to the persons with disabilities, as well as their caretakers, as they have more difficulties in navigation in times of such crisis.

In order to reach people in red zones, we arranged for direct deliveries from online grocery and medical stores. This also served as a medium to connect our donors directly to the receivers, as they got the opportunity to send online deliveries straight at the doorstep of the beneficiaries

In addition to this, a massive sanitary pad donation drive was organised on 28th May, which happened to be the World Menstrual Hygiene Day. The drive was conducted in the Belapur Slum in North Delhi to help women get access to essential hygiene products even in the lockdown.